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4th Quarter 2016

Further PLC upgrades in Norfolk County included the Simcoe Northwest Water System. The Nanticoke project was substantially completed, and work at the Shelburne and Cambridge jobs is in full swing. Work on the Waterloo Landfill project was just getting underway. New projects include the Orkney St. SPS upgrades in Caledonia, the Midland WWTP Aerator VFD project, and a new bar screen at the Cornwall WWTP.

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3rd Quarter 2016

Hollen was awarded electrical I&C projects at the Shelburne WPCP, Cambridge Waste Management Facility, and the Waterloo Landfill Facility. Work at the Nanticoke Water Plant continued, and we began the Delhi Main Street SPS design-build project. Software upgrades were completed at the Parkway GS1 solar farm. The Lambton Polymer System project (LAWWS) was wrapped up, as was the project at the McClung South SPS. We were also awarded a contract for SCADA support in the Region of Halton.

2nd Quarter 2016

The PLC upgrades continue in Norfolk, with the Waterford Water System getting upgraded to a Compact Logix PLC. The Nanticoke Water Plant work is ongoing. Work began on the Alma Street I&C project, as well as upgrades to the Pierce Place pumping station. The Derry Road Stormwater Pumping station project was completed, and network upgrades were performed at some Penn Energy Solar Farms.

1st Quarter 2016

Ongoing projects include the Manitou Biosolids project, the Nanticoke Water Plant in Haldimand County, and the Lambton Polymer System. We completed the Port Dover WTP PLC upgrade project, and are wrapping up our efforts in Brantford with the Aeration System control upgrades at the WPCP. New projects include PLC replacements at the Simcoe Northwest Reservoir and Filter Plant. We have recently been awarded new projects in Waterloo for a valve chamber on Weber Street, upgrades to a septage haulage system in Dunnville, and PLC and other upgrades to the Main Street S.P.S. in Delhi. Ongoing tasks include annual instrument calibrations for the City of Guelph, Veolia Haldimand, Veolia Norfolk, and the Waterloo Wastewater Hub (OCWA).

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