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Power Purchase Agreements (PPA): What You Should Know

Is Your Establishment Employing the Smartest Energy Strategy? Power Purchasing Agreements are complicated and can be used for different types of power generation solutions.
This publication is designed to answer the most pressing questions.


Find the Siemens Power Generator That is Right for You

From 90 to 2,065 kW, there is a Siemens Engine to suit every need. Browse through our prime power catalogue to learn how they meet the requirements of a wide spectrum of applications with regard to their efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and environmental compatibility.

farm cover

Why You Should Invest in a Standby Generator for Your Farm

Backup Power is a key ingredient to responsible farming. Every farmer knows how critical a reliable, constant power supply is on their farm or ranch. This publication was designed to answer your most pressing questions.


Summary of T&T's Powering Greenhouses Conference 2018

Our “Powering Greenhouses 2018” conference welcomed greenhouse growers from across Southwestern Ontario and featured 6 insightful presentations from industry experts. We’ve put together some of the key takeaways from the event here.

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