A Viable Alternative to Traditional Electricity and Heat Supply.

When heat is required for industrial processing or facility services, a Siemens Combined Heat and Power system is a viable alternative to a traditional electricity and heat supply.

As Siemen's Canadian Distributor, we have all the necessary capabilities to design, supply and service your cogeneration system.


Combined Heat and Power

Find out how much you could save.

Use our CHP Calculator to learn how much you would save by incorporating a CHP system.

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Siemens power generator models range from 190 to 2,065 kWe, meeting the standards of a broad spectrum of applications in terms of their efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and environmental compatibility.


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  Through our interactions, T&T Power Group provide us with clear and concise explanations, working with us through problems that may arise at our facilities.

We operate three cogeneration plants for the Hamilton Health Science Centre. In total we have thirteen cogeneration units split between these three sites, and the T&T Power Group service technicians provide us with the expertise that is needed to keep these machines fully operational and running as effective as possible. T&T Power Group go far and beyond your simple troubleshooting tactics to ensure that these systems are running effectively and efficiently. They are able to get to the root of the problem, and create a solution. We look forward to continuing our strong working relationship, and look forward to seeing all that this budding company can do within the changing energy climate.

Chris Cuthbert
Hamilton Health Sciences
Manager, Cogeneration and Energy

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Exploring the Benefits of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Systems

According to the Environmental & Energy Study Institute, more than 4,100 CHP systems are being employed in the U.S. alone as of 2013. Over two-thirds are fueled via natural gas, with renewable biomass, process wastes and coal being other sources.
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Why CHP Is Being Embraced by More and More Industries, Big and Small

The CHP process is incredibly efficient; redirecting and repurposing the heat produced through power generation that will dramatically cut costs over time, with a convenient abundance of natural gas availability and supply.
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Discover the Freedom of Prime Power

The ever-rising utility costs in Ontario have been raising concerns among hydro customers. With the removal of the debt retirement fund and the addition of Global Adjustment fees to our bills, new strategies are needed in order to manage electrical consumption.
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