Technological Solutions
for Business Process Efficiency.


Computer Analytics

There’s no question that computers and the internet have transformed the way business is conducted over the past few decades.

From going paperless, to introducing software solutions that eliminate administrative overhead, to better data collection and storage, there are few businesses who have not reaped some reward from technological advances.





Our Data Analytics will help you to:

Leverage all of the resources at your disposal | Use available data to your advantage | Integrate all of your business processes into a comprehensive solution | Collect and store data efficiently.


Data Analytics


Software Consulting & Implementation

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS).
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems.
  • Software solutions customized for your business needs.

Data Consulting

  • Maintaining the integrity of your data.
  • Managing the storage and accessibility of your data.
  • Putting your data to work.


  • Monitoring, metering, and billing solutions.
  • Aggregation and collection of data from connected devices.
  • Integration of all your connected devices to a common platform.
  • Data analytics tools.


  T&T Power Group has been our service provider for many years. As we regularly call on their expertise to help maintain our gensets, we know what to expect when dealing with them. They are knowledgeable when working on our generators, professional in their delivery, and prompt with their response to our needs.

T&T Power Group will work with us in scheduling the appropriate maintenance, ensuring that the situation is handled in due time, and with care. It is this level of professionalism and dedication that individuals look for when they seek out a productive working relationship - and T&T Power Group ensures that in all situations, they are there to support their customers.

Robert Smith
LH Gray & Son Ltd.

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