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We know you rely on generators to keep your agricultural investments safe. Our standby and continuous generators are backed by a 24/7 service and support team that will help keep you running when it matters most.

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Why Buy a Standby Generator for Your Agri-Business?

Modern Operations Deserve Modern Standby Power Solutions.

Mitigating risk is an important consideration for modern managers.  Every operator knows the importance of a reliable power supply, and no agri-business is exempt from the potential of an outage.

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Why Buy a Generator for your farm?

Here's Why You Should Invest in a Standby Generator...

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  Wagler Electric and T&T Power Group’s working relationship started with an introduction to Tyler Van Dyke back when he operated his first business in rural Ontario.

Using a foundation of respect, transparency, and collaboration allows each of our companies to provide the other with the skills and knowledge, to deliver turn-key projects in often challenging circumstances, at a high level of competence that neither of us could achieve without the other. We appreciate our reciprocal relationship, and are excited to be a part of the T&T Power Group story.

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Wagler Electric

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