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A standby home generator keeps your power on. It gets installed outside your home, and the power comes on automatically within a few seconds of a blackout, whether you're at home or away.


Plug with the cord in the shape of a house

Why invest in a standby generator for your home?

Weather-related outages have doubled since 2003. If you’re not ready, you could lose the contents of your refrigerator and freezers, experience floods from broken pipes or inoperable pumps, and end up with mold and pay for expensive hotel rooms while remodeling. Investing in a standby generator eliminates unexpected disasters, and you’ll take control of when and where you spend your money.

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What our clients are saying...

I recently purchased a Briggs and Stratton 20kW Standby generator from T&T Power Group for my cottage on Lake Muskoka. One week after I purchased the unit, we had family and friends to the cottage and the power went out. It was awesome, instantly the automatic transfer switch and generator did their job and it was like the power never went out.

Jim Gemmill Portrait
Jim Gemmill



My wife and I were looking for a quality home generator system that would last. We also wanted something that would look nice in the back yard of the house. After talking to the customer service team at T&T Power, we decided on Kohler. The unit looks like a deck box and fits into the yard perfectly.

Steve Wesley portrait
Steve Wesley


Home Generator Comparison Chart

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